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Welcome to Bee Buzy Honey

Bee Buzy Honey where you can find one of the worlds finest and purest food products that is supplied with the help of Mother Nature and with some hands on assistance from our family who farm within the grand natural landscape of the Yok Don National Park here in Vietnam.

We hope you’ll find our family story interesting enough to try our honey on your favorite breakfast cereal or perhaps in your morning coffee or cup of tea. At the family farm, we like to mix honey with some spring water and use it as a natural energy drink.

Our story

Hello, I'm Huyen Duong, my family has been keeping "buzy" bees for more than 20 years.

It all started with a single beehive years ago to help feed our growing family and to offer the children a treat from time to time.

Not long after, our extended family, friends, and neighbors began to demand a constant supply of our honey for themselves.

Over the years, people from afar started asking about our honey. Then the requests came from the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City which surprised all of us at the farm.

After a family gathering and discussion we decided to expand our beekeeping and honey production to accommodate those enquiries.

We are now receiving feedback from tourists who have tried and tasted our honey whilst visiting the area. In addition, business people, connoisseurs and professionals in the food industry have openly praised our honey for its delicious and pleasant taste.

My cousin Duong Minh Tam is the driving force behind our family’s beekeeping business and his efforts have led him to attend College where he’s been honoured by the Prime Minister for his scientific work. Now a professional scientist he as become one of Vietnam’s leading experts on honey production.

Our Awards

His efforts have resulted in support from many of our government agencies along with obtaining laboratory quality control certifications such as: FDA, Eurofins, HACCP’s, ISO 22000:2018


World renowned Chef David Thai, who happens to be one of Asia's Top Chefs, uses our natural honey in all of his fine dining venues

David uses our Bee Buzy Honey as a beverage, dessert. soups, ice creams, cakes and sauces and more.


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We are working hard to find honey packaging from environmentally friendly materials. We‘re continuing our efforts and our search won‘t stop until 100% of our packaging is recyclable.

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